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Flower Arrangements

When it comes to flowers it’s really a passion of mine. I enjoy creating the huge arrangements every week in Villa Blanca. I’m most definitely an amateur but what I lack in expertise I make up with enthusiasm. I always look at the space before determining what arrangement to create. In Villa Blanca the flowers have to follow suit and be blanca. I often mix it up with lots of wild greens and sometimes big white feather plumes as shown here, which always makes it look really gorgeous.

The secret is to buy a lot of the cheaper background and fillers and then strategically place the more expensive flowers. On the desk we often submerge roses attached to a device called a pinfrog in a tubular vase for the desk which gives it a very contemporary look.

My other restaurant Sur needs more color, and the melange of pinks, blues, and purples really pops in the center of a very eclectic restaurant. We try to keep our arrangements fresh for a week. We replenish the water daily and sometimes add a minute amount of bleach.

In my house, which intentionally is a rather bland palette because it gives me the freedom to change flowers and accessories without redecorating! You can see a plain tubular vase that I used in my house filled with cellofane that makes for a very effective flower arrangement.

In the entrance to my house that is where I like to put my Pièce de Résistance. As you can see in the arrangement below I’ve incorporated willow twigs and spring shades of flowers which makes a very beautiful welcome.

Often I will create a look by using colours in the same family but many different types of flowers, which always seems to impress.