Simply Fabulous

If you want to know how to live a fabulous and luxurious life, there is one extraordinary and beautiful woman who has all the answers – Lisa Vanderpump.

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Originally from the United Kingdom, Vanderpump made her mark in her more recent home of Beverly Hills. Lisa and her husband own 20 up-scale restaurants and bars in London, all of which were designed entirely by Vanderpump herself.

Her latest endeavor is the beautiful and lavish Villa Blanca restaurant located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Villa Blanca, also designed by Lisa, welcomes comfort, style, gorgeous art and creative music that brings a new level of entertainment and class to the dining experience.

We are proud to have Lisa as a contributor to Beverly Hills Lifestyle, and we know she will provide great insight on how to live a stylish, luxurious and fabulous life.

4 Responses to Simply Fabulous

  1. Hello! I am a fan of Lisa, Villa Blanca and Sur. I’m going to London this spring and I wanted suggestions of restaurants to visit there. Perhaps Lisa would recommend her restaurants; and I’d love to know the names of them and more info. I’d appreciate an email response if possible!

    Thank you 🙂

    Kindest regards,
    Mary Montague

  2. Hello! I live in Beverly Hills and i love Rodeo Drive and i will admit i love Lisa’s style i once saw her in her car and i was so excited! So what i really wanted to know is what are your favorite places to get your clothes,shoes,and handbags please respond to my question and two big kisses to Lisa Vanderpump!

  3. Hello! I live in Beverly Hills and i love Rodeo Drive i will admit i love Lisa’s style.Once i saw her in her car right next to mine i was very excited i was in great shock.My question to Lisa is were do you shop for your clothes,shoes,and handbags well hope you could respond to my question.Two big kisses to Lisa Vanderpump.

  4. Hi Lisa.

    Im from Staten Island New York and I am totally inlove with you and your family on the housewives of BH. Great job on your success and goals you have accomplished. I admire you and most of all your personality and class. You really rock it. I am very much into decorating and party planning. How do I become an entrepreneur like yourself and how do I advertise myself/work? What are some helpful tips?
    I hope to meet you one day. Congrats with Pandora’s engagement.

    Take Care and best wishes.

    Arlene Mizrahi

    P.S (keep your eyes on Taylor)