NYE on Andy Cohen’s Show

Here are some photos from New Year’s Eve on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” NYE Special.

8 Responses to NYE on Andy Cohen’s Show

  1. Giggy is such a cute and well-behaved little guy. Congrats on the nuptials!

    If you’re not too busy, can you check your email? I sent you a message about an art project I’m working on, and I’d love your opinion on it.

  2. Each of the “Housewives” shows seems to have one quirky and eccentric, yet sane and charismatic, “sun” around which all the slightly less sane, real and charismatic planets spin. You are that sun on the Beverly Hills’ version of the Housewives’ series.

    You’re on the show to build the family restaurant business brand, and to have fun. That’s clear. Treating the dogs and Cedric as substitute children, while strange for Americans, is somewhat understandably British. Although, Cedric, a strange house guest of the wealthy that comes upon the heels of the Simpson drama’s Kato, does have a certain bizarre aspect to it.

    That all said, and the dog and Cedric children aside, you are one very real, often funny and charming, GORGEOUS woman.

  3. Pinky,

    I adore you, and your lovely husband. He seems like such a great guy. I enjoy you both on the show, and think you have a wonderful disposition. You are calm, intelligent, sophisticated, gorgeous, and a whole lotta’ other things:) I love your style, from your wardrobe to your amazing home. Clean, natural, and fresh. It works!
    I enjoy you both, and “hello”, from Dallas, Texas:)

    p.s. Giggy is sweet as pie!

    God be with you.

  4. I usually watch police procedural television dramas rather than reality shows…I guess because I think that real life dramas are more chaotic… Its more frightening actually to see non-fiction characters doing insane things… Although its not actually a criminal type, but honestly most reality shows have this template of having no restraints and that all the characters have unhampered liberty to do just as they please,with their pangs of conscience invisible for the world to see…But I guess you are one of the exemptions…

    I don’t know the right definition of an ideal woman but your personality overall is something I applaud…:D Though I can’t see myself having a dog and I prefer flats rather than a stilleto…your passion for design and perception in any kinds of relationship is something I can relate to…you indeed perfected true elegance that are rarely seen in television now a days.. 😀

    so just adja to you ms. pinky!

  5. Darling Lisa,

    I am impressed with your sincerity, honesty and courage on The Reunion, Part 2 show, regarding “C”. You showed strength as a woman and spoke truthfully. You stood up for yourself. Kindness is a gift. You should have no regrets in helping in the past. And, what “C” had been through as a child, does NOT warrant that abusive behavior towards you! I am from a similar background, have much less than him, multiple traumas, and there is no way on God’s green Earth I would CHOOSE to treat you that way. It was despicable of “C’. Enough said about that.

    I may be a little in love with your hubby. There, I said it. rofl. I like you both equally, but I am not gay, so I choose him;) I love the combination of him, strong, protective, yet sweet and caring. Awesome mix. He made me laugh so hard watching the last show, Chris on a cracker, he is hilarious! Sexy, as well. Ouch! Don’t pinch me, Lisa! lol

    Best to you and your beautiful children. Your daughter is sweet and pretty. And your son, handsome, young, vibrant. You are blessed.


  6. Hi Lisa, just wanted to say I never miss an episode and I think you are a wonderful person with great insight. Be careful of Taylor, she is a “wannabe” and started a whole lot of mess between Kyle and Camille. Camille and her insane medium are as fake as a three dollar bill. Kim, oh Kim, I feel sorry for her and her sister could be a little gentler with her. Adrienne is a wonderful human being and stays out of that high school drama with such dignity and class. I put the two of you in the same category and that guy (what’s his face) that was living in your home really showed his ass when it was time to go. I guess I’d be mad too if my penis was the size of a raisin. Love to you and your family. Nadine from CT.

  7. Hi Lisa, Beverly Hills Housewives is now showing in Sweden (where I live) and I just love you. I think your jargong is very european, and I had many good laughs when you appear in the show. Regarding the comment on the reunion show from a viewer that said you where hiding that you are mean with joking: americans just don’t get irony:). Lots of love from Sweden!