Lisa Vanderpump Day

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump not only owns Beverly Hills’ hot spot Villa Blanca, she now owns the city! was present at Lisa’s Villa Blanca restaurant Tuesday night when Beverly Hills mayor Jimmy Delshaddeclared March 1 “Lisa Vanderpump Day”, and in an exclusive interview, Lisa tells “I’m shocked but I couldn’t be happier.”

“It’s overwhelming to tell you the truth,” Lisa tells us. “I love Beverly Hills and am privileged to live in such an amazing city.”

Mayor Delshad recognized Lisa for her charitable and philanthropic work and presented her with a written proclamation, a plaque with an engraved key to the city and officially made March 1 Lisa Vanderpump day.

“Now that it’s my day, you all must wear pink and carry a dog,” Lisa jokingly said as she made a short speech after she’d been honored.

Lisa, who is referred to as Pinky in the upscale and super rich Beverly Hills social scene, says she can’t be believe she’s being recognized for simply being herself and trying to help others.

“I’m taken by surprise, really,” Lisa says. “The charity work I do is from the heart and I do them privately. I’m lucky and fortunate I can give back to others. Mayor Delshad left me speechless as he recognized me for something I do from the kindness of my heart. I’m honored and will be forever grateful to the Mayor Delshad and to the city of Beverly Hills.”

Many of Lisa’s close friends and family were on hand to help celebrate her honor, including RHOBH co-stars Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong, and Lisa’s sexy husband Ken Todd and her two children Pandora and Max.

As was first to report, Lisa and Villa Blanca chefs prepare food every Monday and deliver it to a local Beverly Hills church to do their part to help feed the city’s homeless. For the past two years, the restaurant has helped feed the city’s homeless.

“I’m just one person but I’m happy I can help in a small way,” a humble Lisa says. “It breaks my heart knowing that there are some people out there that are without food and that’s very important to us. Do you realize that there are 40,000 people on the street, every night in Los Angeles? It’s huge and it’s a problem.”

9 Responses to Lisa Vanderpump Day

  1. If anyone deserves this it’s you! You are just amazing and elegant in every way. We love you and hope to see more of you.

  2. Congratulations Lisa ! It feel a little strange writing to someone I don’t know, however from what I’ve see on the show
    you seem like such a lovely person as does your husband Ken. You actually have a lot of similarities in our lives. I have also been married to my wonderful husband Gordon for 28 years, have a daughter 26, a grandson and a son who is 21yrs old.When you spoke about your children, it was very easy to see how beautiful your daughter is, inside and out. I also cried a little when you spoke of your son and the way way you described him as unfortunately landing into a family of people who are overachievers and non-stop workers. Both my children have ADHD,( diagnosed in the proper way) and my daughter is bi-polar, my son who should never of had any problems with mental illness had an accident5 days before he turned 17 and his girlfriend flew through the window of the range range rover and died instantly. He never even realized she was dead until the EMT’s revived her twice in the ambulance. She never survived and I still mourn her. It was the end of summer, and thankfully he was not drinking, or using drugs doesn’t smoke, didn’t have a coffee or even a phone with him. He returned to boarding school but tried to take his life, the day 2 1/2 months later he decided to return to school his best fried dropped dead of a heart attack while playing basketball right after turning 18. All of this tho say that he is now finally on medication and doing better, we are still working with my daughter. So not only do you do a lot for your community and help the disadvantaged, as I do ,I feel you deserve a badge of honour for helping your son try to maneuver his way through this strange world. As a Mum I know how we just want to make it all better, and it doesn’t how many millions you have, you can’t buy their confidence like we but our Louboutins. We are also in the same boat with our finances, just not quite enough to buy your house. Sorry I have to put that in. I have been in and love my home, just a medium size, we tried the larger 6 bedroom over 20 yrs ago, which I did not like. Until I saw your home and decided that this was a home that I could easily love. I was a few million short, and Gordon (from Scotland) does not want to leave our countryside to go to BH. Shame. It looks like everything you touch, along with a very strong work ethic turns to platinum.Congratulations again, your family must be beaming.
    Kindest regards,
    Jerry Casey Gray p.s. Are your Louboutins, the very pink ones custom made, or can I get them somewhere. I have a Louis Vuitton purse that would match perfectly as well as a number of lovely outfits. Thank you.

  3. Congratulations! you deserve to have a day in the city in which you live and give…Thank you for your part.

  4. Lisa, you are beautiful, intelligent, strong, and have a wonderful sense of humor. That success has graced your doorstep is undeniable. Have you always made your own opportunities, and have you ever struggled or suffered along the way. I can’t help but wonder how life has formed you into the beautiful example you are today. Ever had any failures?? You present the world with so much ability, talent, and grace. It seems you’ve mastered life. How have you managed to accomplished so much? I ask in all sincerity because at 62 I’m still interested in evolving.

  5. As a lifelong resident of Greater Cleveland, I’m keenly aware of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic. I’ve been impressed & touched by Lisa, Ken, Giggy (her entire family) as a result of her appearance on RHOBH. I was not surprised by her philanthropy but tickled to find a direct connection to my hometown on her website charity link. The saying ‘the camera doesn’t lie’ truly applies to Lisa, as her external & internal beauty radiates in every appearance I’ve seen of her. You cannot ‘fake’ the spirit & heart that Lisa always presents even through her occasional sarcastic humor (which I personally relate to & adore). It’s heartwarming to know that people like Lisa are being recognized for the selfless, charitable work she does. I only wish the mainstream entertainment media were more inclined to report this kind of story so that more word could get out on the charitable cause(s) along with recognition of this facet of this woman. My guess is that her nature is to just do the good deeds & avoid the recognition & publicity. Sending congratulations, admiration & best wishes for the continued success & prosperity of Lisa’s family & her work.

  6. I can only agree with Dustin! And why not make it a pink day? Thats a great idea!
    If I ever visit LA I will definitely pay a visit to Villa Blanca – love the interior and the heart you put into it! I watch the show RHoBH, your my favorite wife! Unfortunately it’s not on air in Sweden but I do watch it online. I can’t wait for next season to begin. Best wishes to you and Ken.

  7. I think you and Ken are a class act. You are my favorite HW and I am glad you are on the show because it was the platform for the rest of the country and perhaps the world to getting to know about you.
    Much success to you and Ken.