3 Responses to Kyle and I on KTLA

  1. This is my favorite show on TV. I am obsessed with Lisa and this show. It is a great show and Lisa is one of the most amazing women I have ever seen on TV. She is smart, and witty, and sexy and beautiful and very very smart. I hope she gets her own show. She is a designer, and restauranter, and a partner in Epione skincare line. Will watch the show all the time.

  2. i absolutely love Lisa. I agree with Simona above. Lisa is sexy, beautiful and very, very smart. It’s absolutely amazing that she’s been married for 29 years and i LOVE that she adores her husband! That is so rare these days. Lisa seems so down to earth in her soul and she has excellent taste and she seems to genuinely care. I think Lisa has it all going on. She’s a great modern woman!

  3. Lisa and Kyle are our favorite ladies. Smart, witty, beautiful and classy. Lisa, we think you are prettier now than you were in your online movies. Your husband is a doll too. We love your poms. We just had two new pom puppies. We hope you stay in California. You brighten it up.

    When we watch the show, it is nice to see how kind you are and genuine and real like Kyle and Mrs Maloof. I hate when Taylor gangs up on Kim. I am glad you don’t join in on that and how you and Mrs. M try to be more helpful and diplomatic.

    P.S. Stay away from those Mediums. It’s like playing with a Ouija boards. Bad news.