Where To Chow

Mr Chows- Beverly Hills

As of recently, friends have been asking me about my stomping grounds, and favorite places to dine. So to all of you inquiring minds out there- I’d love to share a few of my cherished spots. Luckily enough, we don’t have to venture too far from Beverly Hills- so I’ll begin with one of Ken and I’s staples, Mr. Chow.

Before you go, make sure to make a reservation so you’ll be taken care of upon entry. What I love about Mr. Chow’s is that it is cozy, service is impeccable, and the servers take consideration to pay attention to your dietary needs. I know I can bring any friends of mine here with particular food allergies and it won’t be a problem. It’s also entertaining as you never know whom you may be planted next to during your meal, perhaps a former president or even Madonna. Yes, it’s happened.

If you’re to go for the first time, I suggest the prix fixe menu. It’s a fantastic way to get a sampling of what the menu offers and try a few items you may not know to order. My suggestions from the menu are the green prawns, lobster and sea bass. For something light, taste the chicken lettuce wraps with sweet plum sauce.

Bon Appetit!