2 Responses to After Show on WWHL

  1. Dear Lisa, I was just watching the RHWBH Lost Footage Special and saw the segment about Jiggy and Atopica. My dog had a ton of skin/fur issues and we also tried Atopica. In the end, we took our dog to a dermatology vet who specialized in allergies. We had our dog tested and he has 15+ environmental allergies, including wool, cats, various pollens etc. We also discovered that his vast fur loss was caused by food allergies. He is now a strict vegan–no animal protein of any kind (which can be found in the coating of heart worm meds and in toothpaste for dogs).

    I just wanted to bring this to your attention.. Although, our dog now gets shots for his allergies, his quality of life has improved significantly. I hope this information is helpful.

    Kind regards,

    Danie B.

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Just watched the Lost Footage episode showing Giggy’s chronic itching + scratching problem. It didn’t say whether or not you found a solution, but wanted to pass along the suggestion of “emu oil”. It has natural anti-histamine properties and is very soothing to dry skin. It can be used on pets safely, too, and there are special shampoos formulated for pets to help relieve itching.

    Google emu oil + pets and no doubt you’d get an avalanche of info. lol

    I use it for my own very dry skin; it’s one of the few oils my skin will tolerate. It gets good reviews on the various Internet beauty boards I visit. If you want to give it a whirl look for triple refined.

    Hope this helps the Gigster — although he couldn’t be any cuter! lol